Signature Amenities

Provenance Signature Amenities

You know when you go to an incredible concert where everything just gels? At Hotel Max, we want every stay to be like that (but we don’t have a mosh pit). Whether you’re coming to DJ a party or close the next big tech deal, we want to make your visit exceptional. That means no request is too big or small. (Seriously. Just ask us.) On top of our standard amenities, our Provenance Signature Amenities include:

  • “Get It Now” Button – Sometimes you just want it – now. Pick up our in-room phone and order whatever you need, whether it’s a toothbrush for the morning after, or a split of champagne for getting the party started.
  • Pillow Menu – Rest your head on your choice of a range of specialty pillow types.
  • Spiritual Menu – Taoist? Christian? Muslim? We have a variety of books of faith. Please feel free to borrow one during your stay to get inspired.
  • iPod Menus – Create a sound track to your stay. Borrow an iPod preloaded with your favorite genre of music – from classic rock to local Sub Pop bands.
  • Pet Welcoming Amenities – Yes, bring your dog. We have pet beds, bowls, toys, tasty treats and comprehensive list of local pet resources ranging from dog walkers to pet psychics (yes, really) and everything in between.
  • Pet Room Service – For doggies with good taste, we have a pet-friendly menu designed with pets’ nutritional needs in mind.
  • Pet Spiritual Menu – We have a range of inspirational books on everything from dog massage to pet psychology (Freudian techniques for fox terriers?); available to borrow free of charge during your stay.

Hotel Max also offers a 24-hour fitness center.