The Collection

The School of Maximalism

Here’s the thing. Unlike most hotels, we don’t think art should blend into the background. Do you really want to see the same painting in every room? (Housekeeping staff in those places must go nuts.) When we designed Hotel Max, we wanted it to be about art. Aesthetics. How you feel when you walk from room to room. Stuff that inspires. That’s why we filled our hotel, from the lobby to the roof, with original works of art from Seattle artists.

As you explore the hotel, you’ll find a range of works – photographs, paintings and collages – reflecting a myriad of voices and attitudes. Each of our guest floor hallways is dedicated to the work of an individual photographer, each of whom chose a theme – from architecture to romance – showcasing it in works large enough to cover the guest room doors. One of the most iconic collections in the hotel can be found on the 5th floor, which features the works of Charles Peterson, the photographer who documented Seattle’s grunge era music scene.

Think of it as sleeping in an art gallery. The Gallery of Maximalism.