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The Sub Pop Floor

All Hail Sub Pop

At Hotel Max, we are into Sub Pop Records. Why? As Seattle’s most iconic independent record label, they’re part of the city’s history. From their roots as a punk rock label to their notorious Nirvana days, they epitomize Seattle indie rock. And, as an independent hotel, we’re sympathetic to any company that says #@*! the establishment and goes it on their own.

This is why our 5th floor is sort of an homage to Sub Pop Records (but not in a creepy stalker kind of way). When you get off the elevator on the 5th floor, prepare to be blown away by the large-scale black-and-white images on every guest room door, showcasing the work of photographer Charles Peterson. This is the guy who helped define the early Sub Pop aesthetic on the label’s record covers, with photos that captured the raw passion and power of Seattle’s music scene in the late 80’s and 90’s. Check out his work here.

Spend the night in any of our 19 5th floor rooms and become fully immersed in the Sub Pop attitude. Check out the framed poster art that highlights bands on the label’s current catalog, with artists like Mogwai, Iron and Wine, Wolf Parade and Fleet Foxes. (It’s like sleeping with a different band every time you visit us.)

All rooms are equipped with Crosley record players and a selection of vinyl records curated by Sub Pop. So chill out and listen to some tunes during your stay. The collection is routinely updated, so you can hear new tunes every time you’re here.