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Maximize Your Meeting

Sometimes you need a place to sit down and hash things out. Other times you need lots of space to blow everyone’s mind. At Hotel Max, we have both.

First, the traditional. When you need a private place to meet that allows for creativity and conversation, our Sidebar meeting room has a conference table that seats 14 and a state-of-the-art A/V system. It is a simple, easy and functional meeting room perfect for a brainstorming session with the team or a designer holding a little show and tell.

Then there’s the un-traditional. Our 6,300 square foot Artist Loft is not your momma’s hotel event space but what it lacks in polish it makes up for in versatility. This soaring, light-filled space with concrete floors and a saw tooth ceiling punctuated by skylights is perfect for parties, fashion shows and musical performances. Guests access the space through an 8’ car elevator, guaranteeing a memorable entrance.

Need a little nosh?
Catering at Hotel Max is provided by the critically-acclaimed team at Miller’s Guild:

We’d love to help you create a meeting that rocks. Contact or call 206.264.2006 to get started.