Our rise to fame


We go way back. Hotel Max started out as the Vance Hotel, which opened in 1926, and was a major landmark – you knew you were close to Seattle when you could see the neon-lit “Vance Hotel” sign from a distance. The hotel was designed for Joseph Vance, the owner of the Vance Lumber Company and one of Seattle’s major real estate developers at that time. (We figure he must have been a big deal since he named a hotel after himself). The building is a classic example of Beaux Arts Classical Eclecticism, with the distinctive characteristics of this architectural style.

In 2005, the Vance Hotel was transformed into the Hotel Max. Inspired by its artistic and architectural roots, the Hotel Max has become a magnet for musicians, art lovers and the creatively inclined. As a key fixture in Seattle’s art scene, we’re always playing with art and music in all forms, from our extensive collection of paintings throughout the hotel, to an entire floor dedicated to Sub Pop Records.